Migraine Management for Practitioners
A passion to share specialist knowledge and skills in the treatment of migraine, Prof Tissa Wijeratne’s new venture, Migraine Management for Practitioners, provides healthcare professionals with the latest clinical advances to improve patient lives.
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(Mind, Migraine, Movement and more)


Second Lance-Goadsby Migraine Symposium (Mind, Migraine, Movement and more)

Our Chief Guest is Professor Rachel Huxley,PhD, the newly appointed executive Dean, Medical School, Deakin University.

This unique educational event will enrich your knowledge, wisdom on migraine, movement disorders and lot more.

We hope to see you at the Sunshine Hospital on 9th-10th August 2019.



Second Lance-Goadsby Migraine Symposium Event Agenda

21 July
2.00 pm
Opening session- Chaired by Prof Tissa Wijeratne ( Australia) & Prof Rajendra Dhamja ( india)

Opening Plenary

Prof Tissa Wijeratne An Update on GBD and why M4 Sunshine ?

2.20 pm
My Thoughts on late Prof. Lance by Professor Pamela McCombe, President ANZAN
2.25 pm
My Thoughts on late Prof. Lance by Professor Lars Edvinson, President IHS
2.30 pm
My Thoughts on late Prof. Lance by Professor Bill Carroll, President WFN
2.35 pm
My Thoughts on late Prof. Lance by Professor Messoud Ashina, President Elect IHS
2.40 pm
My Thoughts on late Prof. Lance by Professor Peter Goadsby, President Elect AHS
2.45 pm

Tea break

Arts Centre
3.15 pm
Session 2 : Chaired by Dr Alex Young and Elizabeth Mackey

An Update on World Brain Day-Migraine the Painful Turth by Char, Wolrd Brain day Committee , Prof Tissa Wijeratne

3.20 pm
Second James Lance Oration Topic RCVS
3.50 pm
Management of Acute Migraine: An Update
4.00 pm
Seaaion 3 : Chaired by Dr Kar Yan Lo and Essie Low

Chronic Migraine and Medication Overuse Headache

4.50 pm
High Pressure Headaches and Low Pressure Headaches
TACS, TICS and Everything Else
5.40 pm
An Update on New Therapeutics in Migraine
6.00 pm
Non Pharmacological Intervention and Nutrients
6.30 PM
7.30 PM



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Sunshine Hospital

Address: Auditorium, Level 1, Western Centre for Health Research and Education (WCHRE), Sunshine Hospital


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